5 Best Female Libido Boosters | Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women-Health News , Firstpost
5 Best Female Libido Boosters | Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women-Health News , Firstpost

5 Best Female Libido Boosters | Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women-Health News , Firstpost

Sometimes due to many reasons the females fail to attain the true height of enjoyment.

TOP Female Libido Boosters, Enhancement Pills and Gels Over The Counter

The hidden treasures of the female body remained unfolded to the humans for a pretty long time. It was not very long ago when the scientists of the modern era of science made extensive research on females, taking hue from the famed Indian sage Vatsayana.

The liberated females of modern days want to enjoy the fullest pleasure. Sometimes due to many reasons the females fail to attain the true height of enjoyment. The best female libido boosting pills can help them overcome the predicament.

What is a Female Libido Booster and Enhancement Pill?

In order to understand the working of the Best Libido Boosters for women, we have to delve into the indices of female sexual performances. As soon as a female apprehends an approaching male, the female body starts preparing for the union.

During the union the female enjoys the pleasure at each and every stage of foreplay, intercourse as well as during afterplay. The climax reaches with the orgasms.

The best female booster pills about which we are going to talk in this article will be able to prepare the female for all the above achievements.

The top ranked female sexual booster pills are safe and effective. These pills are made from natural ingredients having known aphrodisiac effects. In addition to these, medical experts and sexologists have established the safety and efficacies of the female libido boosting pills through clinical tests and trials on actual users like you.

While giving top rankings to the enhancing pills for women, our expert review team has considered various aspects such as ingredients, efficacies, price, safety, guarantee clauses and many more.

The selected top five brands of female libido enhancing pills are given below:

TOP 5 Sexual Boosting Pills and Gels for Women

  • Provestra Ranked topmost as the best female libido enhancer
  • Vigorelle This gel has come out to be the best female instant arousal gel
  • Hersolutions Pills These pills have been found to be the best sensitivity arousal medicines
  • Hersolution Gel This gel is the best selection for orgasms and reaching the climax

#1. Provestra

5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

The top ranked best female libido booster pill which boosts the female libido naturally is Provestra. In addition to increasing the female libido, the medicine also gives you the much sought after, menopausal relief.

An woman hits her menopause at the age of 50+. But many women experience symptoms of menopause as early as 30s.

Women even suffers from menopausal symptoms over a period of 20 years after hitting the menopause! The research has found that many women battle menopausal symptoms throughout the one third of their lives.

The symptoms of menopause

  • Painful intercourse
  • Sudden Flashes
  • Fluctuating mood
  • Night Sweating
  • Many more

All the menopausal symptoms are due to hormonal imbalances. Provestra Female Sexual Boosting Pills contains 18 potent natural ingredients which work in regulating the production of the hormones.

Moreover the review team could find that the best women sex enhancing pill boosts female libido within a short period of time 7 days. The pills work efficiently in increasing the satisfaction levels of both the partners.

A control trial with Provestra revealed that 97.74% women claimed satisfaction in sex after using the pills. It increased the vaginal wetness to such a height that the bed became wet and penetration was super smooth.

In fact vaginal dryness is a prime cause for sexual unsatisfaction and discomfiture. The intercourse becomes painful even leading to bleeding. The vaginal drynes affects many women at pre-menopausal states also. This dryness is caused due to decline in the level of estrogen. Provestra, by regulating the hormones, increases vaginal lubrication naturally. It also boosts the sex drive in females.

The regulated hormone also remedies discomforts such as hot flushes, fluctuating moods and sweating at night. Provestra works directly on the hypothalamus of the brain, helping it to work correctly and increase the production of estrogen.

So irrespective of whether you are in your 40s or 50s or 60s or even 70s and there after, Provestra will restore your youthful sex drive. So shake off all the age related negativities and enjoy the pleasue of sex which God has bestowed upon us and live a meaningful life with Provestra.

Buying Options

Visit the official website of Provestra and buy the sexual enhancing pill for women at the lowest price from the available packages which are listed below:

6 months supply at $224.95

5 months supply at $189.95

4 months supply at $154.95

3 Months supply at $119.95

2 months supply at $84.95

1 month supply at $49.95

You get shipping free for more than $150.

Guarantee Clause

The company offers a 67 days Return Policy without any condition.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

#2. Vigorelle

5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

Our expert review team has selected Vigorelle as the second top ranked female sex arousal gel. Unique features of Vigorelle are

  • Instant sexual arousal for females
  • Increased sexual sensitivities
  • Increased secretion of vaginal lubricating fluid
  • Non-sticky gel
  • Increased stamina and sex alertness

Now when you feel low, have to make excuses to avoid sex, can’t find the sexual spark, do not blame yourself. There are many women like you suffering from frigidity.

Vigorelle is the modern secret to rejuvenate your libido and open the path to sexual enjoyment. On top of everything Vigorelle sex boosting gel gives you immediate effect. There is no hassles of taking pills etc just apply the sensuous cream which will spark all the male touches into a rage of sexual fire. Gone are the days when you said ok for the sex. In Fact most of the women do not have the complete idea of the treasure of happiness which they are carrying with them. Many have not even known the true pleasure of orgasm. With Vigorelle you become so much sensuous, hot, active and excited sexual partner that reaching the peak and enjoying the climax would be a regular affair.

Intimacy and understanding among the couple depends to a large extent on the satisfying sex. When you use the sex boosting gel for women and offer a sexy and sensuous women in the bed, the contentment of your partner will be boundless. This will improve mutual understanding and dependency.

Dryness in the vagina is a serious problem for the females. While the males find it hard to penetrate, the females also cry in pain. With the use of Vigorelle gel all the touches become intense and the ease of penetration gets you quick orgasms.

Sometimes women suffer from psychological sexual fear due to past traumatic experiences. Vigorelle also helps in healing such feelings bringing back the trust and confidence. Vigorelle also overcome the ill effects of stress and health related issues and pushes for the heightened sexual climax.

Other characteristics of vigorelle sex gels are

  • Mint smell in place of synthetic smell
  • Consistent and smooth
  • Appealing color
  • Soft on the skin
  • Good lubricant
  • Long lasting
  • Ph balanced
  • Compatible with condom

The natural ingredients are

  • L-Arginine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Rhizoma Dioscoria Villosae
  • Suma Root
  • Peppermint Leaf
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin C, A E

How to use Vigorelle gel

Take a small amount of the gel and apply it softly to the area under the clitoris. Rub the gel thoroughly till all the gel gets absorbed. After applying the gel you will immediately feel roused as if your vagina is fully wetted.

Recommended by doctor

Dr. Karen Vieira, PHD, MSM is all the praise for Vigorelle female sex boosting gel. She termed it as the safe and effective gel which the women need for superior sexual pleassure.


How does Vigorelle gel work?

By applying the gel underside of the clitoris, it immediately starts stimulating the tissues. Increased blood flow around the female genitals enhances female sex sensuousness. It also acts as a natural and long lasting lubrication of the vagina providing easy and comfortable access to the penis.

What is the response time ?

Your sexual sensitivities will be switched on immediately. On successive applications of the gel you will feel progressive improvement.

Are there any side effects of Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is made from natural constituents and hence completely safe. It does not have any side effects.

What about my privacy?

Vigorelle will be sent in discreet packaging. Nothing will be written outside the package regarding the identity of the items inside. “Leadingedgehealth.com “ will be mentioned in your credit card.

Guarantee clause

67 day return policy with 100% refund of price.

Available Packages

12 months supply $ 489.95

6 month supply $ 289.95

3 months supply $154.95

2 months supply $ 109.95

1 month supply $ 59.95

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

#3. HerSolution Women Libido Boosting Supplements

5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

That you are browsing through the article, it indicates that you are suffering from low libido and you want to come out of the mess and enjoy sex. You are not alone. There are millions of females like you struggling day in and day out blaming themselves and feeling guilty for your unsatisfied partner.

You dont feel the desire for sex. When you do sex, you do not enjoy it.

The reasons for the low libido are many. Stress of career, kids, household chores, aging parents and many more. In addition to all these there are the ill effects of hormonal declination.

Now you can get over from all such hassles by simply using the hersolution pills for sexual enhancement.

The sex supplement for female Hersolution Pills is made from natural constituents.


Simply by taking a single tablet a day you can correct all of your hormonal imbalances, Imbalances induced by mal-nutrition and stress.

What you will achieve

  • Increased sex appetite
  • Increased sex fantacies
  • Immediate arousal of female body
  • Enhanced vaginal moistness
  • Intense sexual sensation
  • Reduced mood imbalance
  • Heightened orgasms
  • Reduced flashes
  • More sexual vigour and enhanced sexual enjoyment


What are the benefits of Hersolution female arousal pills?

These sex enhancing pills when taken regularly corrects stree, nutritional and hormonal induces imbalances of the body and thus restores the sexual vitality of women.

How quickly Hersolution pills give results?

You will start feeling the difference within seven days of taking the medicine regularly. But for full restoration of sexual vigour and vitality you must continue the medicine for at least 90 days. The reason for this is the fact that Hersolution cures all the inherent imbalances naturally and gradually.

Can I experience orgasm by taking Hersolution pills?

Yes. The experience of many users confirms that by taking Hersolution pills they have experienced their first orgasm. The pills dilate the blood vessels and cause frequent and intense contraction of the muscles enabling orgasms.

How do you ensure safety?

The manufacturer is cGMP compliant

Ingredients are tested prior to manufacturing

Each and every bottle containing the pills has a lot number and expiry date printed on it.

Buying Options

Visit the official website of Hersolution and buy the pills online.

Packages available are

6 month supply at $ 219.95

3 months supply at $ 129.95

2 months supply at $ 89.95

1 month supply at $ 59.95

Guarantee Clause

67 days 100% price return policy. You will have to return the empty bottle.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

#4. HerSolution Gel

5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

Hersolution female boosting gel is a popular brand in the market. It brings instant arousal, removes vaginal dryness and restores sexual pleasure.

There are many reasons for vaginal dryness but the solution lies with Hersolution Gel. The reasons for dry vagina are :

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Birth control pills
  • Breastfeeding
  • Various medical issues
  • Menopause
  • Poor Diet
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

The solution provided by Hersolution female libido enhancer gel works in a vicious circle. First it begets moist vagina which brings back sexual sensation and excitement which in turn restores the zeal for more sex and finally more lubricated vagina.

What should you expect from Hersolution gel?

  • Increased desire for sexual intercourse
  • Makes you sensitive to touches
  • Gets back your natural source of vaginal lubrication
  • Maintains the wetness, warmth and slipperiness
  • Helps you get the orgasm


  • L-Arginine
  • Aloe Vera
  • Shea
  • Cocoa
  • Olive Squalene
  • Triethanolamine
  • Citric acid
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Menthol


One tablet every day


How quickly do I get the results?

It depends on various factors like metabolism, medication, intensity of problem, regularity of intake etc. But many female users have reported benefits within seven days. For complete reversal of sexual vigility you must continue the gel.

How does Hersolution gel work?

The perfect blending of the aphrodisiacs, herbs and nutrients in the right proportion works gently and naturally in restoring your lost vitality. It also corrects the imbalance which may be caused due to hormonal, stress and nutritional factors.

Buying Options

You can buy the gel at the lowest price from the official website of Hersolution gel.

Price is $ 59.95


67 days 100% return policy on return of empty bottles .

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

#5. Scream Cream

5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

Scream cream is the other female libido enhancement supplement  which is popular in the market and rated high by the experts. It is a transdermal cream which means that the content can be absorbed by the skin of the user effectively while it does not enter the bloodstream.

How to apply and how does it work to increase sexual participation of women?

The Scream Cream is to be applied to the areas of genitals around the clitorus.

The main working methodology of the cream is to enhance the supply of blood all around the area of its application. It also helps in increasing the sensitivity of clitorus thereby increasing the chances of quick and repeated orgasms.


The Scream Cream has 3 medicinal components:

  • Ex-enhancing hormones
  • Bronchodilator
  • Vasodilators

It includes L-Arginine, Aminophylline, Slidenafil Citrate.

The effect of Bronchodilators and vasodilators is to relax the vascular muscles of the female body. By dilating or widening all the surrounding blood vessels in and around the clitorus, it helps in increasing the sensuousness of the female sex partner.

Dilation is a unique process by which blood rushes through the arteries and tissues while restricting the flow of blood back to the heart. In this way it improves the blood flow all throughout the body.

Sildenafil Citrate works in relaxing the blood vessels so that the improved blood flow to the vagina and clitorus brings in quick orgasms. Theophylline anhydrous is an ingredient having bronchodilatory properties which helps in opening the airways. Pentoxifulline is the other ingredient which has anti-inflammatory qualities.

The supplier of the medicine Scream Cream is Nu Image. It is one of the top performing brand among the instant female sex arousal as well as libido enhancing cream.

The Scream Cream is to be applied in the clitorus and other ares of the genitalia 15 to 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. You have to take 1

/2 ml of the cream at a time.

Apply the cream gently and massage it till it gets fully absorbed. You will have its effect for 30 minutes to about 2 hours. If you feel necessary you can reapply the scream cream.

How to store Scream Cream?

The medicine has to be stored away from light, heat and moisture. Take care to keep away from children. Storage temperature advised is 20 to 25 degree celsius. Discard the medicine when the expiry date is crossed. Do not flush it in the toilet.

Scream cream is a prescription medicine for females who want instant arousal, improved sexual experience and satisfaction.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website


Which are the top female sexual enhancement pills?

After coming to know the treasure of enjoyment hidden at every nook and corner of the female body, the modern women of today are eager to get the most of it. As the ancient sages as well as the modern sexologists have emphasised that sex is an art and like every art one has to muster the skills of making sex.

Though the modern women are well informed and liberated from most of the social and family restrictions, there are some issues which forbids the women from taking the fullest emjoyment from sex. The issues that pre-occupy the women of today are, pre and post menopausal syndromes, high levels of stress of modern lives like stressful career, stressful relationship, unhealthy competition, singularly raising the kids, takingn care of aging parents etc. eating disorder causing poor health, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances etc.

Many believe that low libido in women is due to psychological reasons. Though this is true to some extent but in most cases female sex can be boosted up by improving physical issues. Clinical studies have proved that proper food, exercise along with female sexual boosting pills restores the lost sexual vigour and drive.

Our expert review team has done extensive research on the top rated and reputed libido boosting pills for females. The team has narrowed down to two most popular pills considering various aspects such as safety, efficacy, price reasonability, popularity and clinical tests using users like you. They have also considered and analysed the feedback received from the users as well as the considered opinions of doctors and experts.

These two best female sexual boosting pills are Provestra and Hersolution.

What are the instant arousal gels?

Instant arousal gels and creams are for those women who want to get instant results. These gels are specifically prepared scientifically to use directly to the female genitals. The action of such gels and creams are felt within fifteen minutes and the effect may continue for two hours.

You have to apply the gel in the area around the clitorus. The gel is to be gently massaged over and over again till all the gel gets absorbed completely. You can apply the gel 30 minutes before sexual union. If need arises, the gel can be re-applied.

What is the response time for the female libido boosting pills and the gels?

The sexual enhancing pills for women take some time before its effects are felt. The results depend on many factors such as metabolism, regularity of taking the medicines, age of the user, general health condition etc. For some users the results could be obtained within a few weeks. The pills are required to be taken as long as you want to enjoy the sex and reach climax and orgasms. As you withdraw the pills, the results will also start reducing. You will achieve the best results after consuming the pills for 90 days.

The gels on the other hand are for instant arousal. You can use the gel prior to intercourse and get the immediate arousal. So the response time for the gel is instantaneous.

Which are the top female instant arousal gels?

Our review team after extensive research and analysis has been able to narrow down to three top ranking gels and cream for the benefit of the female users. They are Vigorelle Gel, Hersolution Gel and Scream Cream. While Vigorelle Gel and Hersolution Gel are over the counter medicine, the scream cream needs prescription.

How do I know whether I will need female libido boosting pills or gels?

Once you go through the above write ups on the female sexual enhancing pills and gels, you should be able to judge of your own as to your own specific requirement.

In my opinion if you are not frequent into the sex or has not yet decided about your boy friend, you should select the gels or cream for fulfilling your immediate needs. You should go in for the pills when you are married or able to engage in sex regularly. The pills takes its own time to restore the sexual vigour and you have to take for a pretty long time for getting the full results. The gels and cream will get you instant arousal. Apply it at your genitals 30 minutes prior to sexual engagement and you are ready for the climax.

The other advantage with the gels is that you need not to take it for a prolonged period or wait for its response time. Your waiting time may turn up to be costly for you, as by the time your body is prepared for the sexual onslaught you may not get the opportunity for the sex.

Both the pills and the gels are meant to give you top sexual satisfaction which many of the women might not have experienced at all. So for the lifetime experience and sexual enjoyment select the pills or the gels as per your convenience and enjoy the life’s best ecstatic pleasure.

Are the libido boosting pills and the gels safe?

Most of the female libido boosting pills and gels are made from natural ingredients and hence completely safe. These ingredients were known to humanity for centuries and were used by the females to enhance sexual drive and libido. The modern scientists, doctors and sexologists have explored the various natural ingredients from the remote areas of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. They have done extensive research on those herbs which are flowers, leaves, barks and extracts from fruits and roots. On finding the astonishing power of the herbs they started formulating the modern medicine to give a combined powerful effect. On scientifically analyzing the ingredients they could separate out the exact components which are responsible for the libido enhancing effects. They then strived to find the right proportion of the ingredients which will give the best and safest results.

Even after formulating the medicine they put the medicines under clinical trials which are often double blind or even triple blind trials. The trial population was monitored and regular feedback was collected.

The medicines which have come through all such elaborate tests and trials are completely safe. If you still have some apprehension about its safety, you are free to approach your physician for their expert opinion.

Our review team has also collected lots of feedback from the users and opinion of doctors as well as sex experts and sexologists. The top ranked sexual boosting and libido lifting pills and gels for the females are all very reputed, popular and effective in the market. You may use it safely.


5 Best Female Libido Boosters  Instant Enhancement Pills and Gels for Women

In this article we have tried to cover in broader aspects the top ranking supplements for female libido boosters. In the market you will get female enhancing pills, gels as well as cream. The choice of the particular supplement would depend on the requirement of the female user. While gels and creams will give you instant results, the pills will need some time to be effective and boost your sexual drive.

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