Familymoons are Trending, Here's What to Know - Travel Noire
Familymoons are Trending, Here's What to Know - Travel Noire

Familymoons are Trending, Here’s What to Know – Travel Noire

septiembre 14, 2023
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Familymoons are the newest travel trend. While the term, defined as a honeymoon with family, dates back to the early 2000s, they’re reemerging as people look for creative ways to optimize family time after a wedding.

Wedding planners say the coronavirus increased the interest in familymoons because couples were forced to postpone weddings, due to adhering to travel and crowd restrictions. Relationship experts also attribute the rise in familymoons to the fact that more people already have children by the time they elope, especially among blended families.

Familymoons aren’t limited to those with children. They are a perfect solution to keep people busy for couples having a destination wedding, couples who love to travel and want to share it with loved ones and people who don’t get to see their friends and family regularly.

There’s no right or wrong way to have a familymoon, but here are some things to consider to plan a successful one.

Plan the Destination Together 

When planning a familymoon, it’s crucial to plan the destination together. This will be a fun and exciting time to let children participate in the planning process. It could make children feel valued in the decision-making process.

Planning together also will provide good insight into how everyone envisions the trip. If more family members want to be outdoors and active, this could impact the destination compared to families who want to spend time at waterparks or relaxing at a resort. It will be easier to choose a destination once there’s a better idea of expectations.

Balance Activities 

In a perfect world, everyone would want to do the same activities. However, it’s best to prepare to compromise by balancing the activities in an attempt to make everyone happy. Balancing the activities allows families to learn more about each other’s hobbies and could have lasting impacts by helping each other step out of their comfort zones.

This is also a great way to plan a well-rounded trip to explore the destination as much as possible with a mixture of activities.

Limit Screen Time 

Familymoons aim to create memories and get closer to your loved ones, so limit the screen time with the exception of taking pictures. Limiting screen time will encourage healthy physical activity and help foster a deeper connection with loved ones.

Make a Schedule and Plan Downtime

Make a schedule to keep everyone on track and on the same page. Be sure to schedule downtime on the itinerary. This will heave from spontaneous experiences you learn about from locals and will keep everyone rested to enjoy the new experiences.

Make Alone Time

If children or family come along, it’s important for couples to schedule alone time. Plan ahead by finding a verified nanny or babysitting service for the children to get closer to your spouse through a spa, fancy dinner or in private places.  


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