International Cities Perfect For First-Time Black Travelers - Travel Noire
International Cities Perfect For First-Time Black Travelers - Travel Noire

International Cities Perfect For First-Time Black Travelers – Travel Noire

agosto 30, 2023
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In a world where travel has become a journey of cultural discovery, finding the right destinations to begin your travels can be transformative. For first-time Black travelers, certain cities resonate not only for their captivating allure but also for the profound African diaspora connections they offer to shared history and heritage.

From the rhythmic beats of Afro-Brazilian culture in Salvador to the echoes of resilience in Cape Town‘s District Six Museum, these cities hold stories that intertwine with the African diaspora. Travel Noire has curated a list of international destinations where Black travelers can embark on an enriching journey of exploration and connection, embracing the past while forging a global future.

Cape Town, South Africa

Black travelers taking pictures in Cape Town
Photo credit: MStudioImages

A vibrant city framed by the majestic Table Mountain, Cape Town beckons with its blend of stunning landscapes and a captivating history. Walk the streets of Bo-Kaap, adorned in vibrant colors. Explore Robben Island, a poignant reminder of the struggle against apartheid. Marvel at the sweeping views from Table Mountain, a backdrop to the diverse neighborhoods that make Cape Town a cultural mosaic. Dive into the District Six Museum, where the poignant narratives of forced displacement during apartheid come alive, resonating with the African-American experience. Cape Town is more than a destination; it’s an intersection of shared stories and resilience.

Salvador, Brazil

Couple in Salvador Brazil
Photo credit: golero

Afro-Brazilian heritage reverberates through Salvador’s cobblestone streets and lively festivals. This city pulses with vibrant culture, from capoeira performances to the rhythms of samba. Immerse yourself in Pelourinho, a UNESCO-listed historic center brimming with colorful facades and echoes of the African diaspora. Dive into Bahian cuisine, savoring acarajé and moqueca. Pay homage to Orixá traditions at Candomblé ceremonies, celebrating the fusion of African spirituality and Brazilian identity. Salvador is a tapestry woven with resilience, blending history, music, and spirituality to offer African-American travelers an immersive journey into the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Kingston, Jamaica

two men at fruit stand in Kingston Jamaica
Photo credit: New Wave JA

In Kingston, the birthplace of reggae, the spirit of Bob Marley lives on in the heartbeat of the city. Feel the rhythm of Trench Town’s streets, where reggae’s roots run deep. Visit the Bob Marley Museum, where the legend’s life unfolds. Embrace the ethos of Rastafarianism at the Twelve Tribes of Israel headquarters.

Kingston is a city that pulsates with the echoes of African heritage, from the vibrancy of the Coronation Market to the tranquility of Devon House. Beyond its sun-soaked beaches, Kingston offers Black travelers an opportunity to connect with Jamaica’s soulful culture and reggae’s unifying message.

Accra, Ghana

Accra Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Mikoko Delux/ Accra Fashion Week

A city of connections, Accra beckons Black travelers to explore their roots. Walk through the historic streets of Jamestown, where colonial remnants intertwine with immaculate street art. Engage with the Year of Return initiative at the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, poignant symbols of the transatlantic slave trade’s legacy. Embrace the vibrant energy of Makola Market and immerse yourself in kente weaving traditions. Accra offers a journey of reconnection, from the rich Adinkra symbols to the warmth of its people. This city stands as a bridge between past and present, extending an open invitation to Black travelers seeking to embrace their heritage.

Paris, France

Black travelers in Paris looking at Eiffel Tower
Photo credit: Photodisc

While not an African destination, Paris has evolved into a multicultural hub that resonates with African-American travelers. Wander through the multicultural Belleville neighborhood, where diverse communities converge. Explore the African quarter of Château Rouge, alive with the vibrancy of Afro-French culture. Visit the Musée du Quai Branly, home to an extensive collection of African art. Paris showcases the fusion of cultures, inviting Black travelers to experience the dynamic interplay of identities, languages, and histories within the heart of France.

Cairo, Egypt

person walking toward the Pharaoh pyramids and ancient Egyptian ruins
Photo credit: Spencer Davis

As you stand before the pyramids, you’re connected to a tapestry of ancient African history. Cairo’s bustling streets and vibrant markets offer a sensory journey. Delve into the Nubian Museum, which celebrates the heritage of Egypt’s southern communities. Explore the historic district of Al-Muizz Street, a showcase of medieval architecture. Cairo invites African-American travelers to delve into its heritage that stretches across continents and millennia. As you navigate the streets, the echoes of ancient African civilization remind you that you stand on land with stories older than time itself.

Dakar, Senegal

Woman Overlooking Dakar Senegal
Photo credit: Geraint Rowland Photography

In Dakar, the rhythms of life intertwine with history. Walk through the bustling markets of Sandaga and Soumbedioune, where traders connect cultures. Visit Gorée Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a poignant reminder of the transatlantic slave trade. Experience the cultural vivacity of the Dakar Biennale, celebrating contemporary African art.

Dakar invites African-American travelers to embrace the diversity of Senegalese culture, from traditional Wolof music to the city’s buzzing nightlife. This city unites Africa and the African diaspora through shared experiences and histories.

Lisbon, Portugal

Black travelers on walking tour in Lisbon
Photo credit: @africanlisbontour | Instagram

While Lisbon might not be an African destination, it holds a unique Afro-Portuguese identity waiting to be explored. Wander through Mouraria, the birthplace of fado music, where African and Portuguese cultures have intertwined for centuries. Engage with the Afro-Lisbon narrative at the Museu Afro-Português. Lisbon’s historic Alfama district offers a blend of past and present, as the city’s multicultural fabric becomes evident through its food, music, and neighborhoods. Lisbon welcomes travelers to delve into the fusion of cultures that have shaped this coastal city, creating a narrative that speaks to resilience, connection, and shared history.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Black travelers at Carnival in Barbados
Photo credit: Barbados Crop Over Festival

Barbados, known as Little England, presents a unique narrative of African diaspora heritage. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Bridgetown, where UNESCO-listed sites like the Garrison hold stories of colonial history. Delve into the origins of rum at the Mount Gay Visitors’ Centre. Pay homage to the Emancipation Statue, symbolizing the triumph of resilience over adversity. Beyond the turquoise waters and golden beaches, Bridgetown is where travelers can explore the interconnected stories of Caribbean history, from the hardships of the past to the spirited culture that thrives today.

Nairobi, Kenya

Photo credit: Antony Trivet

As you step into Nairobi, the dynamic capital of Kenya, you’re greeted by a blend of tradition and modernity. Embrace the rhythm of Maasai Market, where artisans share their craft. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum, capturing the essence of colonial Kenya. Experience the Bomas of Kenya, where traditional dances come to life. Nairobi offers travelers a unique journey into the heart of Africa, where wildlife and urbanity coexist. This city stands as a gateway, inviting you to discover the rich tapestry of Kenyan culture, while also offering a deeper connection to the continent’s heritage.

London, United Kingdom

Man On Street In London
Photo credit: AzmanJaka

London is a mix of history, culture, and modernity with iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and world-class museums. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, from Brixton to Shoreditch, are where cultures intertwine. Explore the Black Cultural Archives, celebrating the contributions of Black communities in the UK. London’s West End offers acclaimed theaters and musicals, inviting you to experience the arts in a global city. From Camden Market’s eclectic scene to the serene beauty of Hyde Park, London showcases the many cultures that call it home.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Couple Window Shopping in Amsterdam
Photo credit: Lorado

A city of picturesque canals and historic charm, Amsterdam invites you to discover its hidden gems. Explore the Anne Frank House, where history’s lessons echo. Wander through the Jordaan district, a haven for artists and creatives. The Tropenmuseum presents stories of global cultures, reflecting the Netherlands’ colonial history. Amsterdam’s Surinamese and Afro-Dutch communities also add layers to the city’s diversity. The Royal Palace and Rijksmuseum offer glimpses into Dutch heritage. Amidst windmills and cafes, Amsterdam beckons with its unique blend of tradition and cosmopolitan allure.

Cartagena, Colombia

Palenquera Woman in Cartagena
Photo credit: Frazao Studio Latino

Stepping into Cartagena feels like stepping into a living history book. The city’s UNESCO-listed old town, with its cobblestone streets and colorful colonial architecture, evokes a sense of enchantment. Wander through Plaza Santo Domingo and Plaza San Pedro Claver, where brilliant bougainvilleas and historic churches create a picturesque setting. The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a formidable fortress, bears witness to the city’s storied past. Afro-Colombian culture is interwoven in Cartagena’s fabric, from music to cuisine. The city’s warmth, combined with its long history and coastal beauty, offers first-time Black travelers a worthwhile blend of discovery and connection.


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