LELO just dropped its first triple-stimulation sex toy
LELO just dropped its first triple-stimulation sex toy

LELO just dropped its first triple-stimulation sex toy

NEW SEX TOY LAUNCH: LELO’s newest addition to the ENIGMA collection, the ENIGMA Wave, is on sale today for $259.

LELO is known for its innovative and luxe pleasure products. The brand pushes the boundaries of conditional norms, is committed to quality, and isn’t afraid to get futuristic with its design choices — and its latest creation definitely embodies that forward-thinking spirit.

Today, LELO introduced a new addition to its ENIGMA collection. The ENIGMA Wave is the brand’s first triple-stimulation toy, designed to give you blended orgasms for days. (A blended orgasm is the simultaneous stimulation of multiple erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, G-spot, and anus).

Unlike the OG ENIGMA, the ENIGMA Wave takes pleasure to a new level with its patented WaveMotion technology and three synchronized motors. Its internal tail is built to move in a wave-like motion, mimicking the feeling of fingers caressing and teasing your G-spot. While the external nub gently presses against your external clitoris, delivering deep, powerful sonic pulses (via SenSonic technology) to the internal clitoral structure. (This way, your entire clitoris gets the attention it deserves!)

Something else we noticed about this toy is that it’s hands-free (if you want it to be). So, if you get tired of holding it (no shame; we’ve been there), you can just lay back and let it do its thing. Just put it in position, pull your thighs together to hold it steady, and enjoy the ride. We’d definitely recommend using lube beforehand for a smooth and comfortable start.

The toy is available on the LELO website for $259 and comes in cyber purple and black. It also has a one-year warranty (as do all LELO products) and a 10-year quality guarantee.


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